Year: 2020

Canine Prescription Diets Dietary Sensitivity And Feeding Advice

It may take a couple of therapies for the canine to become familiar with the mask; however, with perseverance, this clinical therapy will certainly offer your family pet fantastic alleviation from the signs and symptoms of respiratory disease. The vet has presumed the obligation for making clinical judgments concerning the health and wellness of the pet. Also, the demand for […]

Titer Testing and Vaccination for Your Pets

Have you ever pondered how often you should vaccinate your pets? Titer testing is a great way to determine when your pet should be vaccinated and for what. Titer testing is a relatively new method that involves taking blood samples from the animals and checking it for the presence of antibodies. Since antibodies are correlated to immunity, the presence of […]

What Is Homeopathy for Pets?

An extension of alternative medicine, homeopathy for pets is a therapy that is increasing in popularity. Developed in the 1790’s by German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy is based on the conclusion that every living organism possesses the ability to self-heal, and that illness develops as a result of an imbalance or blockage within the system. Healing is found by examining […]